DR Radio: Interview with Kathryn Holt - Expressing True Hunger

April 16, 2018
My guest today is inspirational psychotherapist, teacher, and writer, Kathryn C. Holt.
Kathryn is here to here to help us remember that when we are in the place of stuckness, confusion, and fear, this does not mean something has gone wrong or that we have to keep it all “together” to prevent disaster. She is here here to help us remember that the wisdom of these experiences are powerful catalysts and signals that our innate wisdom is waking up.
Her practice focuses on healing trauma, recovery from chronic dieting, and listening to the unconscious as portals to spiritual empowerment. She is the creator of True Hunger, an online course and body of work that serves to support women in learning to trust their physical hunger in order to hear longings of Soul. Kathryn studied clinical social work at Columbia University in New York City and is now pursuing her PhD in Depth Psychology. She lives and works in Boulder, CO where she works with individuals and groups. This Spring her book on Dialectical Behavior Therapy is being released by New Harbinger and you can pre-order it here.


Twenty sumptuous pages of wisdom, exercises, and guidance to help you reconnect with your divine feminine rhythms, organic impulses, and warrior resilience


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