I Can’t Lose Weight No Matter What I Do!

April 19, 2019

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My dear sisters, I can’t tell you how many times I hear this from my readers and all the women whom I come across who are struggling with their weight. And in the not so distant past, I was shouting this weight loss frustration from the depths of my soul as well. I not only could not lose weight; I also was packing on the pounds, even though I thought I was eating the healthiest foods. 

But I learned something life-changing: Not only was I wrong about what I was eating. I also discovered the real reason behind my inability to lose weight.

Hormone imbalance: My thyroid was out of balance. My adrenals were out of balance. I was a mess!

But the good news is, you can restore balance! It takes some time, but I guarantee you will begin to feel a little bit better every day once you get started. I know, because I’m doing it, and it is working. As a nutritionist, I knew where and what to investigate so I could get my body---and yours too!—back on track.

And so the journey began.

Here’s what was happening with me. I was experiencing a ton of stress in my life: my husband was seriously ill and in and out of the hospital; my kids were frightened and worried like they had never been before; my mother was hospitalized; I was trying to keep Divine Renewal going. 

Basically, my body was pumped up with stress hormones (cortisol, adrenalin). I gained more than 10 pounds within a few weeks. I wasn’t sleeping well. I had crying spells. I started dropping things, like glasses and dishes. I was cranky, bloated, tired all the time, and losing my hair. 

Not a pretty picture, right? But one that can be changed!

Here’s what I did. I went to a doctor who discovered that my thyroid was way out of whack—I was severely hypothyroid, which means my thyroid was not producing sufficient amounts of hormones, which had thrown my metabolism completely off.  

At the same time, all of the high stress hormones had caused me to become prediabetic, which means my sugar levels were rising and my insulin levels were resistant and having trouble keeping up with my sugar intake. 

In addition, I was estrogen dominant. OMG, my estrogen levels were skyrocketing! Symptoms of estrogen dominance are: (and I bet you can identify with these!):
  • Bloating
  • Mood Swings
  • Headache
  • Weight Gain
  • ​Hair Loss
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • ​Memory Problems
  • ​Decreased Sex Drive
Don’t these sound familiar? You bet! So here’s my suggestion:

If you want to get better: if you want to lose weight, keep your hair, stop the mood swings, end the bloating, sleep better, and have more energy, you first need to have your hormone levels checked so you can restore balance. 

After I saw my doctor and had my hormone levels checked, I began adopting a series of lifestyle changes. Serious issues require serious actions. There is no way around it. But the rewards are well worth the work! (Read about how I started turning my life around in “I thought I had my life under control.”)

Here’s a partial list of my lifestyle modifications. I tweak them as I go along, and not all of them will be forever, but for now they are working for me. You will likely discover your own list of changes that work best for you.
  • Lemon with water—every morning when I get up as a detox
  • Regular sleep schedule—same time to bed and same time to rise every day
  • Daily meditation
  • Elimination (temporary) of inflammatory foods, such as dairy, soy, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, peppers, tomatoes, beans, corn and simple sugars (e.g., soft drinks, sugary desserts, candy, syrups, etc). These foods support autoimmune conditions such as thyroid issues. Avoiding them for a while helps your body heal from chronic inflammation
  • ​Staying well hydrated with filtered water
  • Daily movement, whether it be walking, yoga, working with weights, dance, etc. 
  • Taking desiccated thyroid hormone supplement. You should discuss the most appropriate dosage with a knowledgeable healthcare provider
  • ​Taking high-quality vitamins and minerals, which I recommend you do along with a nutrition or health coach
  • ​Keeping a journal—writing down your feelings and keeping track of your progress is so rewarding and healing
  • ​Reducing your exposure to toxins in your environment, such as pesticides on foods (choose organics when possible), fluoride in water (I have installed filters to remove fluoride from my water), and household cleaning products (use all-natural or homemade cleaning supplies, such as vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, tea tree oil). Toxins can modify your hormones, modify your ability to produce insulin, and interfere with blood glucose levels, all of which can contribute to weight gain.
Remember, it took a long time for your body to reach the state it is at this very moment. No one supplement, action, food, or exercise will provide a magic cure. But, if you look at your divine self as a holistic being that needs to be nurtured at several levels at the same time, then you will begin to appreciate the gradual healing as it occurs. And it will…believe me!  

So tell me: What one thing are you ready to do now to help you begin to lose weight and begin to feel fabulous? Share it with us so we can help you take that step today!

While you are contemplating the information in this blog, take a few moments to enjoy a cup of hibiscus tea. This caffeine-free herbal tea has an ability to help reduce the absorption of glucose and starches—which will help with weight loss and bloating. So brew up a cup and enjoy!
  • 1 Tbs dried hibiscus flowers
  • 16 oz filtered water
  • 1 orange slice
Boil the water, remove from heat, and steep the hibiscus flowers in the water (covered) for 15 minutes. Add the orange slice and sip! 

Blessings to all of you!

Myriam Llano


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