Embracing Your Feminine Nature

July 27, 2018
It has taken me a while to understand that our bodies are sacred, mystical, and amazing for so many reasons, and that we often forget to appreciate the cyclical beings that we are. 
Since I’ve come to appreciate this in myself, I can see it in other women and understand that the body, mind, and our very essence fluctuates with Nature’s cycles, such as the moon, tides, and seasons. We are organic, one with the Universe and all of creation.
I also have come to know that if we understand that flow in nature then we can understand it in ourselves and accept it as part of our feminine makeup, which then means we can understand ourselves better.

For women, being cyclical beings is especially sacred because our menstrual cycles are in synch with the moon’s phases, the oceans’ tides, and each of the seasons. Our bodies, mind, moods, emotions, and spiritual connections all rise and fall, ebb and flow, with Nature’s changes. Nature is our ultimate partner in the dance of life.
This means the women we are today is not exactly the same women we were yesterday or that we will be tomorrow, or the day after that, and so on. Every day, there is a change—be it subtle or more pronounced—in our mood, emotions, and physical presence.

These fluctuations and changes that occur with seasonal and lunar changes are all natural, a sacred interaction between Nature and Feminine energy. Women who become aware of these relationships and who are ready, willing, and able to embrace them wholeheartedly can enjoy the sense of inner peace and safety they can bring.  
The challenge so many of us women face is not to accept our bodies, but to connect completely with our Feminine energy and power. We need to recognize that our bodies, feelings, emotions, and spirituality are a living, breathing core of who we are as women and sacred feminine beings. When you make this realization, you will have reclaimed your feminine self and connected with your spiritual core, which are your birthright.

Women who claim their feminine self and learn to appreciate the incredible strength and intuition it embodies have an ability to move in harmony with the seasons and the moon's cycles. 

They understand there are times of the month when they will naturally feel less empathy, more creative, less tolerant, more sexual. This realization will help them accept these fluctuations as natural; they will not chastise or put themselves down because they are experiencing different feelings today than they did yesterday. They learn how to evolve from when the Mother Goddess is in her maiden stage (which corresponds with the waxing moon)—a time when women should focus on their creativity, strength, learning, and positive transformation--to the Mother, Enchantress, and Crone stages, each of which has its own corresponding moon phase.
Recognizing these natural changes is only part of the work. The other part is taking what we learn about ourselves and sharing it with others. We need to connect with other women and share our thoughts, experiences, joys, fears, and other emotions. We also need to educate the men in our lives about the organic changes we and other women go through. When we share our stories with other women and men alike, we expand understanding, open up the doors to dialog and compassion, and truly embrace what it means to connect with our Feminine Nature.

Being a complete and vibrant woman is not about what your body looks like; it is about claiming and announcing your entire Feminine Nature. Celebrate it with every breath you take. Share your feelings with your peers. Educate the men in your life. Be the fabulous feminine force that you are.

With much love, 



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